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Structured cabling

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A structured cabling system is the most important component of any IT infrastructure.  This infrastructure serves a wide range of uses such as to provide telephone service or transmit data through a computer network.  The structured cabling system begins at the point where the service provider terminates and extends service throughout the network. 

A properly designed, installed and administered​ cabling system helps significantly reduce costs through each phase of its life cycle:  which includes installation, moves adds and changes; maintenance and administration.  Our cabling solutions will fully support and satisfy the requirements of your business.

Since every structured cabling system is unique, our designers and engineers will assist in the your project from conception to completion, insuring your cabling plant is scaled correctly for your business needs.

Structured cabling systems include

  • ​Leviton . Panduit . TE/AMP/Commscope . Allen Tel . 3M . Ortronics
  • Category 3 . 5 . 5e . 6 . 6A . Shielded 
  • BICSI Corporate Member
  • Coaxial Cable and Connections 
  • Pathway Installation 
  • MDF/IDF Buildout 
  • Emergency repair 

​Optical Fiber Solutions